Keurig Repair Center

Did your Keurig break all of a sudden? It happens to us home barista’s every once in a while but luckily Keurig has a really good customer service repair department. Getting your Keurig coffee machine repaired may be cheaper than buying  a brand new one so give it a try. You’ll only have to do a few things to see if you’re eligible. Keep in mind though though that you do have a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

broken Keurig coffee machine

courtesy of Brokenequipment.com

Step 1: Call Keurig Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW

Step 2: Explain your situation to them and ask for an Authorization to Return number (ATR)

Step 3: They’ll provide the rest of the instructions on how to ship and send your Keurig machine. When packing the machine make sure it’s well padded on all sides and cannot break during shipment.

If you’re having issues with Breville, Cuisinart, or Mr. Coffee please use one of the appropriate numbers below.

Breville Customer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE

Cuisinart Customer Service at 1-800-211-9604

Mr. Coffee Customer Service at 1-800-672-6333



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